Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update - Las Vegas

Update -

Things have been going pretty well in Las Vegas. I am starting to find my way around town and can now make it to all the major malls in the city. The house is starting to come together and it is starting to feel more and more like home. (Dont get me wrong I still miss family and friends back in Utah). It is nice to have thanksgiving around the corner and have it be 80 degrees outside. The ward is getting better and we are starting to make friends. Last weekend we had plans every night. It is great to be able to meet new people. I had to put up my christmas trees last weekend because I have plans every weekend until christmas. Some of which include going home to Utah twice. Going to Cal. Newport Beach for a weekend with the girls at work. Having family and friends come down to visit. The NFR Roping to watch my dad and much more. I have found a new way to fill my time instead of work it is called life and it is pretty fun.

Alex just completed his second block week. These weeks are very tough on him and on me. He studies constantly and then has a test every day of the week. He is hammered after the week so then it is my job to pamper him and nurse him back to his cheerful self. I know that I am not supposed to wish my life away but I wish that he was done with his 2nd year and all done with the book work.

I am so very excited because tomorrow I am flying to Utah to do chocolates with my family. This is a family tradition I could not miss it. I can't wait to see my whole family I miss them so much:)!

C ya soon