Monday, August 31, 2009

McKenlee's 1st week

The week flew by:) I can't believe that my baby is already 1 week and 3 days It's crazy. We have been busy getting to know each other. And trying to get on some sort of a schedule. Alex has been really busy with school so it was great to have my mom in town for the first week. She was such a great help and I do not think she knows how much we appreciate all her hard work and support.

Alex gets to come home from school and spend some time with McKenlee. He is such a great daddy!!!! I love to watch the two of them bond it is the cutiest thing and I am so greatful that we have Alex in our life. He is truly amazing.

McKenlee had her 1st Doctors appointment this week and she is doing great. She now weighs 6 lbs and 12 oz. and they re measured her and she is measuring at 20.5 in long. I think they may have missed measured at birth because I know she has not grown an inch and 1/2 in 1 week.

McKenlee has had lots of visitors this week!!! Here is a picture of McKenlee with Grandpa and Grandma Lund.

Here are a few more pictures of the 1st week.

Saying goodbye is always the hardest especially when Grandma has been here for her whole life.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome McKenlee Ann

So on Wed 8.19.09 Alex and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary it was great. I am so lucky to have someone like Alex in my life. And little did we know but we were about to receive the best present that anyone could have given us. So I had an appointment on Wed and my Dr. Assured me that nothing was happening. I was only dilated to a 1, we had talked and had the induction scheduled for next thurs 8.27.09. So Al and I decided that we would go later that night and do the big shopping trip and get all the last minute things. I went to work all day on Thursday and I felt great. Alex was staying late at school on Thursday for a study group with friends, and I was watching my friends children while they went to a church meeting. Alex came home around 7:00 pm and made dinner I was talking to my mom and I decided to play a joke on her and I told her that I think my water had broke (She believed me and then I felt bad that I had lied.) So after dinner I wasn't felling that great and he told me to lie down while he went upstairs and finished studying. Well I laid down and not even 2 minutes later I was yelling for Alex and my water really had broke. I was sitting in a puddle of water and Alex asked "How do you know?" Then he saw!!! Alex had to call my parents and of course they did not believe us because I had cried wolf earlier. We headed into the hospital around 8:30 pm on 8.20.09. McKenlee Ann Lund was welcomed into the world at 5:41 am on 8.21.09. She is beautiful and a little peanut. She weighed 6 lbs. 4 ozs. and 19 inches long. We are so excited to have her in our lives she has already brought a joy that is indescribable. We love her so much!:)

We want to thank everyone for all their thoughts and prayers. Thanks to everyone who has come to visit and support us as we start out on this new adventure.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

38 and feelin great!!!!

So today was good news we found out that if McKenlee does not come on her own by Aug 26th the doctor will induce me on the 27th yeah!!!! We are both doing great, but I can not say the same for Alex. I feel bad because he has like 4 or 5 test over the next two weeks, and the stress that she could come at any time is not the best. But OH WELL!!!

Here is the belly at 38 weeks for those of you that care.

McKenlee's Room is also coming along great. I do need some help deciding what to hang on what wall so the walls are kindof bear until my mom and sister come up to help me.

Here are pictures of her closet! Thanks to everyone again, I think this little girl will have something different to wear for the first years of her life.

Ready or not she's coming, now I just pray she's not a BOY!!:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

37 Weeks and Counting....

So still no baby, which is o kay she still needs to cook for a few weeks. But these last few weeks have been miserable It is now over a 100 degrees everyday and we had a stretch of like 10 days over 110. I just run from AC to AC. Here are some belly pictures now that Al is home to take them.

AL'S BACK....:)

Alex is finally home after 6 weeks. Over the last 6 weeks I have realized how blessed I am to have such a great husband, and have amazing friends in the ward and neighborhood. As many of you know Alex spent the summer in Utah work for Grandpa Jack on the farm and I spent the summer in Las Vegas working to keep the insurance before the baby comes. If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be able to stay by myself for 6 weeks alone in Las Vegas being 8 months pregnant I would have never believed them, but thanks to some great friends I was able to manage without Al and still have a little fun. On the 4th of July I was able to hang out with some friends, we had a great BBQ and swimming, and then we went down the street and watched fireworks It was really hot. Then on the 9th of July the ward throw a baby shower for McKenlee and me. It was great to see all the love and support that we have through the church. I was amazed of all the generosity and care. Neighbors were always calling to check on me and making sure that I had plenty of food. Thank you to all, I appreciate everything.

Sorry no pictures I have the camera in Vegas and Alex had the charger in Utah. Doesn't work when your 500 miles away:)