Saturday, November 28, 2009

WOW another month has come and gone. Before we know it Christmas will be here;) First I want to start out by telling everyone how thankful we are to have them in our lives. We are truly blessed to have our little McKenlee and are wonderful family. McKenlee has such great Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and Cousins. She is a blessed little girl. McKenlee has changed so much in three months. I love to watch her change and develop new skills. McKenlee loves to be outside on walks, hikes, in the stroller as long as she is outside she is happy. She is sleeping pretty well still, unless we have visitors or she is sick she sleeps about 7-9 hours. She loves to hear herself talk and she will giggle for her daddy (mommy doesn't make a big enough idoit of herself to get her to giggle). She still loves the tub and she doesn't mind the water in her eyes or ears. She loves the lights on the christmas tree. She also likes to be a big girl and sits up in her Bumbo as she looks to see what is going on. So here are a few pictures of the last month or so. With the cooler weather we have been able to go outside and enjoy it. McKenlee loves to be in her baby bojorn.

McKenlee at the dinner party.

Our little family at the park.

She has found her smiles and she is so happy now for 70% of the day.
She looks so cute in this picture that I had to crop myself out.
Thanksgiving dinner st Uncle Jack's and Cindy's. It was such a great meal. We had such a great time.
McKenlee and Grandma Jennifer on Thanksgiving. We are so grateful for family.

McKenlee and Mommy.
Daddy and McKenlee snoozzzzzzzzing

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A week of First's

McKenlee is growing so fast and she is so much fun right now. She had a big week of first's this last week. It is so cool to watch her grow and start to interact with us. We love her so much.
McKenlee slept through the entire night on Mon., Tues., and Wed. The first full night of sleep was so nice but a little scary, when I woke up and noticed what time it was and that she had not woken me up yet. So I decided that she needs to start getting use to the crib and she took her first nap in it. She so peacefull while she is sleeping.

She is starting to hold her head by herself so we can prop her up a little easier. She thinks she is so big when she can look around and see what is going on. She loves her Bumbo because she can see everything.

Alex and I were able to go on our first real date since she has be born thanks to Aunt Cindy. We went to the Lakers vs Kings game. It was a little akward because everyone was cheering for the Lakers and we were cheering for the Kings. Not really a Kings fan but we cheer for anyone playing the Lakers. McKenlee did great with the babysitter and mom did ok leaving her for 4 hours! Aunt Cindy was great and kept texting us pictures to see that she was ok.

Now that the temperature is out of the 100's we were able to sit at the park for a while. This is her first picnic at the park. We went with our friends Bella and Melissa. It is great to get out of the house. McKenlee doesn't really like the grass so its a good thing there is not to much grass here in Las Vegas.

We also went to the pool for the first time. I know it sounds crazy swimming in the middle of Oct. but it was still 92 degrees. We did not get her in the water because it was a little cold, but she really liked lying out in the warm sunshine. She loved her swim suit that uncle Andy bought her and I like that she looks so cute. It's still a little big.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Pictures

Kenlee's Blessing pictures and 2 month pictures. She is getting so big!!

This is McKenlee's cute halloween outfit that Aunt BJ got her. I love these pictures.

This year for Halloween McKenlee is going to be a Lady bug. She seemed to really like her costume.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Smiles and Giggles

Smiles and Giggles are worth all the sleepless night:) She is becoming more interactive and we are having so much fun acting like idiots just to get her smiling!!!

Not only is she smiling but she also loves to watch football with dad during his study breaks! (She's just like her mom)

McKenlee's Blessing

On Sept. 27th 2009, McKenlee Ann Lund was blessed in the Bluffdale, UT 10th ward. We had decided to bless her in my parents ward so that it would be easier for all the family to come and see the baby. We had such great support from family and friends. Alex gave her a beautiful blessing, it is great to be married to a husband who honors and practices the gift of the priesthood. We love him so much and appreciate all that he does for us. It was such a busy weekend but we survived the first flight, the first blessing, the first time meeting some grandparents, aunts, and uncle, and all the nonstop hugs and kisses that she received.

McKenlee's 2nd flight home to Las Vegas

Grandma and Grandpa Shinsel

Dylan, and McKenlee just chillin'

Beautiful Aunt BJ

Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen

Grandma and Grandpa Lund

McKenlee and BFF Tayia

Me and Sadi (Babies are 3 weeks apart)

She loves her Baby Bojorn

All you see is arms, legs, and a flower

She loves her DADDY

McKenlee loves to give kisses