Monday, July 28, 2008

Home Remodel

So because Charidee and Alex have been so busy with the move I, Brandy, Charidee's sister, have taken over her blog. So before the big move, they decided that they really did want to upgrade from laminate flooring to tile. They had this beautiful new tile put in just a few days before they moved in. I looks beautiful! Here are the before and after pictures. And I am expecting Charidee to edit this post as soon as life slows down a little. I also expect her to post something, with pictures at least once a month. No pressure!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The move

A lot has changed since the last post. I have moved home for the summer to be with my family and Alex has moved in with his mother. We are trying to save money before the big move and we thought that it would be nice to spend sometime with the fam during the summer, but I am really missing Al. We have bought our first home in Henderson, NV, and Alex is moving down on Saturday to tear out all the flooring and they come on Monday to start the tile. I am excited but scared to have a house it is a huge commitment. I am going to be moving down to Henderson on Wed. July 23rd to get moved in. My mom and dad, and Kasie and Jennifer are all coming down to help us move in and get settled before I start at my new job on Monday July 28th. With all of they changes coming up I am feeling mixed emotions, I am anxious, nervous, excited, scared to live somewhere else and start a new job (but I know that it will all be o Kay:)