Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

I finally fell like I am home. Back in utah that is:). On Monday 12.15.08 There was a snow storm in Las Vegas. It snowed for about 7 hours and It was starting to stick. It only snowed on the Summerlin side of town (that is were I work). I was so excited and it made me really miss the snow that we had in utah, but give me a week and I will be wishing for the beautiful Las Vegas weather again. Here are some pics of the first snow strom in Vegas!!!!!

Its a little weird seeing palm trees with snow on them!!!:)

Monday, December 15, 2008


So last week end as a office we went to California. Dr. Alexander has a home there so we were able to stay there and it was right next to Newport Beach. We ate lots and lots of great food and also got a lot of Christmas shopping done. It was so much fun and made the office a little closer:)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update - Las Vegas

Update -

Things have been going pretty well in Las Vegas. I am starting to find my way around town and can now make it to all the major malls in the city. The house is starting to come together and it is starting to feel more and more like home. (Dont get me wrong I still miss family and friends back in Utah). It is nice to have thanksgiving around the corner and have it be 80 degrees outside. The ward is getting better and we are starting to make friends. Last weekend we had plans every night. It is great to be able to meet new people. I had to put up my christmas trees last weekend because I have plans every weekend until christmas. Some of which include going home to Utah twice. Going to Cal. Newport Beach for a weekend with the girls at work. Having family and friends come down to visit. The NFR Roping to watch my dad and much more. I have found a new way to fill my time instead of work it is called life and it is pretty fun.

Alex just completed his second block week. These weeks are very tough on him and on me. He studies constantly and then has a test every day of the week. He is hammered after the week so then it is my job to pamper him and nurse him back to his cheerful self. I know that I am not supposed to wish my life away but I wish that he was done with his 2nd year and all done with the book work.

I am so very excited because tomorrow I am flying to Utah to do chocolates with my family. This is a family tradition I could not miss it. I can't wait to see my whole family I miss them so much:)!

C ya soon

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A sad day in the Lund Family

So last week Alex and I were at home and we recieved a call from Grandma Jennifer she sad that she had bad news. Well Menerva (the goldfish) had passed away. We do not know if it was the change of home because Great Grandpa Jack was watching the fish at his house while Jennifer and Cliff came down to Alex's white coat ceremony. When Jennifer and Cliff got back in town they had the fish for the night and the next morning Menerva was found belly up. It was a sad day:( and now Crunk is all by himself.

Monday, October 20, 2008

White Coat Ceremony, Touro University, October 5, 2008

  We just had our white coat ceremony 2 weeks ago and it was pretty cool.  They deemed us actual medical professionals, and the ceremony was pretty fancy, and was held in the Bally's convention center.  We had the fam come down to Vegas and stay with us during the event, everything turned out well.Alex_white Alex_white2Alex_white3

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Summer Day

Hey so it has been a while since we have updated this thing. But we are having a blast down here in Las Vegas. Life is busy but it is getting better. I have made some friends down here and it has made the adjustment a little easier. Will has you all know I lived with my sister in law and my parents all summer long it was a great summer and here are some pictures of things we did.
KC and me driving in the carTony and Ace Bug at the Riverton Rodeo

Brandy and Kiwi at the Riverton Rodeo
Me and KC on a date night
Alex and I on a double date with KC and Dave we went to the Mayan it was so fun!!!!
We were all able to go camping together Alex, KC, Brandy, Tony, Mom and Dad and the kids it was so much fun we went 4 wheeling well I should not say we it was they. I really dont go much since the accident it kind of scares me but they had a great time and got really dirty.

Then we had to move, It's actually not that bad because Las Vegas has a lot of my favorite thing FOOD!!!!!! i LOVE THE BUFFETS:) They are great you can eat as much as you want.

But the move wasn't all work we were able to have a little fun. We were able to go to the Old Strip Fremont street it was really fun with my mom, dad, and Alex's mom.

There will be a lot more to come!! We just had Alex's white coat ceremony It was fun to have all the family in town and when I get the pictures I will write more about so stay tuned!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trip to St. George

So we have been down in Las Vegas for about 1 month now and I was getting very home sick. So the Graves family were passing through St George on their way down to Paige, AZ on Saturday. They invited us to meet up with them for lunch and to hang out. I was not going to pass up this oppurtunity. We met up and went to lunch at IN & OUT burger. Then we went looking for a movie, there was nothing good playing so we decided to go bowling. (Alex kicked our butts). After bowling it was about time to hit the road and head back to sun shiney Las Vegas. On our way home, in Mesquite we got stuck in a flash flood, this was the scariest thing in my life. In nevada they do not have any drains in the roads so all the water just sits on top. I was driving and I stopped in the middle of the freeway because I could not even see the front of my car. When the rain slowed down we decided to pull off the freeway and wait for the strom to pass. Since we were going to meet up with friends we had taken the camera (we didn't get any pictures of our friends but we did get some pictures of the flood.) Finally we made it home and I never want to be in a flash flood again.

Then on Tues. it was our 3 year wedding anniversary. It is crazy to think that we have been married for three years and oh how time flies. We really cannot even consider ourselves newleyweds any more. This year was very differnet than the past two. I have been very spoiled in the past and this year we weren't able to do much. Alex had a test the next day and plus medical school loans are not for anniversary's. So we went to the store and bought stuff for note cards, then went to Grand China (right down the street) got chinesse food to go. Came home, had dinner went on a walk and then made anatomy flash cards all night. Needless to say this is not the kind of anniversary that I am use to having, but it was great to have Alex at home and help him study. Even if it was just getting to make flash cards at least I got to spend time with him. I think that I am going to start to cherish the small amount of time that we do get to spend together because that time will be few and far between. Well it is getting late and I have to finish the anatomy of the arm flash cards for Alex.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Med School in Henderson

Sorry it's been so long since we've updated this thing, but we've both been pretty busy, I started school on Aug. 4 and haven't had time to breathe.  It's 28 graduate credits with at least 3-4 hours of studying per night. Some of the classes I have are Gross Anatomy, Biochemistry, Intro to Clinical Medicine and Physical Diagnosis.  I'll try to post some pictures when I have more time.  Charidee has been busy with her new job working as a Medical Assistant for Dr. Alexander who is a plastic surgeon. She has to commute about 30 minutes to work, where school is a mere 5 minutes away for me. She likes it there, and is glad that she is able to work and support us. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful wife who will work her butt off while I'm studying my butt off.  We've been to our ward a few times and the kid to adult ratio off the chart, I feel like Charlie and the Chocolate factory with millions of umpa lumpas running around except they're all little kids. Two weeks ago, Charidee volunteered us to be in the nursery and that was definitely some major birth control. The heat here is almost unbearable, but in another month or 2 we will be sitting in some pretty awsome weather, while all the suckers up north are freezing their Gluteal regions (sorry, the anatomy is kicking in) off.  Once again sorry for the delay in updating this and hopefully there will be more where this came from.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Home Remodel

So because Charidee and Alex have been so busy with the move I, Brandy, Charidee's sister, have taken over her blog. So before the big move, they decided that they really did want to upgrade from laminate flooring to tile. They had this beautiful new tile put in just a few days before they moved in. I looks beautiful! Here are the before and after pictures. And I am expecting Charidee to edit this post as soon as life slows down a little. I also expect her to post something, with pictures at least once a month. No pressure!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The move

A lot has changed since the last post. I have moved home for the summer to be with my family and Alex has moved in with his mother. We are trying to save money before the big move and we thought that it would be nice to spend sometime with the fam during the summer, but I am really missing Al. We have bought our first home in Henderson, NV, and Alex is moving down on Saturday to tear out all the flooring and they come on Monday to start the tile. I am excited but scared to have a house it is a huge commitment. I am going to be moving down to Henderson on Wed. July 23rd to get moved in. My mom and dad, and Kasie and Jennifer are all coming down to help us move in and get settled before I start at my new job on Monday July 28th. With all of they changes coming up I am feeling mixed emotions, I am anxious, nervous, excited, scared to live somewhere else and start a new job (but I know that it will all be o Kay:)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Interviews

Al is off to another interview this morning this time to Seattle, WA. He says that this one is different because he has already been accepted. (But I still hope that he does well). I hope that his flight is o kay since we are in another blizzard. Not a whole lot has changed in our lifes since the last post. We are wait as patiently as possible for summer to be over so we can move and continue on with your next adventure.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Medical school update

April 25th 2008

Al just got accepted to Medical School in Henderson, NV. We are so excited for this next phase in your lifes. We are on the house hut right now and will hopefully be moving into a house in the end of Aug. Life is crazy but I enjoy it.

Tune in for more on the crazy life of the Lunds.

Here are some pictures of the vegas trip, We had such a great time together and bonding as sisters