Thursday, May 20, 2010

I know I know i AM SO FAR BEHIND

OK I know that I really do stink at this blog thing, but my days have been crazy busy. Life here in Vegas is going well. Alex is almost done with his 2nd year of medical school and is getting ready to take boards this summer. It is crazy to think that the medical school journey is half way over. Alex will start doing rotations in July which is cool because when he is done for the day he can just come home and be with us instead of coming home and head up stairs to study for the night. I am doing well I babysit from home which can get a little crazy at times but overall it have been a great experience, and has been so good for McKenlee to be around other children. McKenlee and I have been going to Utah quite I bit. It is fun to go see family but always nice to come home. McKenlee is doing very well. She is 9 months old tomorrow which I cannot believe. She thinks that she is bigger than she really is. She is so close to crawling, she likes to crawl backwards. The only problem with that is she cannot see where she is going. The other day I was hanging laundry and she was in my room I could hear her fussing so I went to see what was wrong and I could not see her. I started to panic then I heard her start crying and I found her under my bed It was so funny I was going to take a picture but I was afraid that people might think I was a bad mom. She loves bags, she likes to find little treasures on the floor and put them in her mouth. She is starting to move a lot more in her sleep she really likes to sleep on her belly now. Her favorite food is yogurt and she will no longer eat off of a baby spoon everything taste better off mom or dad's spoon. She is so much fun we are enjoying every moment that we have with her we love her so much. Here are some 9 months.